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Preserving Your Acrylic Nails

Preserving Your Nails

Acrylic nails are perfect for those who bite their nails, have weak nails beds, or just can’t seem to grow their nails long. They do, however, require a fair amount of upkeep and maintenance, to keep the looking good and to help preserve the health of your natural nails. Acrylic nails are bonded to your natural nails with a mixture of glue and acrylic powder. Like a regular manicure, acrylic nails are then filed into shape, buffed, and coated with a clear sealant. Many women chose to add French tips or paint the entire nail with color.

Every two weeks, you’ll need to return to the nail salon to have your nails filled. Without refilling the acrylic, your artificial nails will be more likely to crack or break. If water or moisture gets trapped in the cracks, a fungus can grow between your artificial and natural nails. If your nail becomes loose, you should head to the salon to have it repaired and refilled. Many salons will repair a nail for free if it happens a few days after your appointment.

In order to keep your acrylic nails looking fresh, wear gloves when doing common household chores like washing dishes and cleaning. This will reduce the chance that your nail will break, crack, or chip. If your acrylics are polished, or you have a French manicure, apply a top coat every other day to keep your color from chipping or yellowing. Bleach and other chemicals will break down the acrylic, making your nails loose. This can lead to infection. Use an antibacterial soap every time your wash your hands, and make sure they are completely dry. This will reduce the chance of infection as well.

Take care of your hands by apply sunscreen when you go outside. You can also protect your color by using a UV protected polish. Moisturize with a heavy hand cream daily, more often if it is cold or you wash your hands frequently. You must oil your acrylic nails daily. It will keep your nails from drying out, from becoming brittle, and keep your nails flexible. A good time to oil your nails is right before bed. If you find your acrylic nails are becoming dry and brittle, try oiling them twice a day. If you become tired of your polish, or it chips, and you want to change it, use non-acetone remover. Acetone can dissolve the acrylic nails.

If you want to remove your acrylic nails, your best bet is to head to a salon and have it done professionally. You can do it yourself, but it requires clipping and filing your nails and the gel, then submerging your hands in acetone nail polish remover for a few minutes to dissolve the remaining acrylics. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands, and then remove any leftover glue by buffing your natural nails.
Acrylic nails are a great option for women looking for longer, stronger nails. In order to keep your acrylic nails looking healthy, make sure you keep them clean, dry, and well oiled.

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