Applying Mascara the Right Way

Applying Mascara the right way

For many of us, applying mascara was something we had to practice. Like they say practice makes perfect. If you are just starting to wear makeup it is important to know the right way to wear it. You do not want to look with blobs of mascara on your lashes. Using mascara also gives you a flirty look.

If you want your eyes to stand out, by just adding a touch of mascara it will make them stand out. Not only does mascara make your eyes stand out, it also thickens your lashes and lengthens them. Since we want to make our eyes stand out and look pretty adding mascara the proper way will help us do so.

The tools you will need are:

  • Eyelash Curler – Make your lashes curl to make them seem longer.
  • Mascara – Choose your favorite mascara or one that you would like to try.
  • Eyeliner – Used to make your lashes seem thicker and fuller.
  • Business Card or something similar(optional) – If it is your first time trying to use makeup it will make it easier for you, so you do not rub mascara on other places.
  • Tissue – Will be used in case you accidently apply some on your cheek.

These steps will help you see the proper way to apply mascara. Lets get started, shall we?

  1. First, you will use your eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes. Start to curl them in small sections, starting in the inner center and work your way to the outer lashes.
  2. Now to apply the mascara. Look straight forward, grab your mascara wand and place it at the base of your lashes wiggle it side to side and sweep it up. If you are new at wearing makeup try and place a business card or something similar on the bottom and on the top eyelid while applying mascara.
  3. Keep doing this until you get the thickness you want. If you get mascara on your cheek by accident, just wipe it off with a tissue.
  4. Now to do your bottom lashes tilt your head forward and place the wand on the base of your lashes, wiggle it from side to side, and sweep it down.
  5. If some of your lashes seem to be bulked up try to separate them with the tip of your wand.
  6. To make your lashes seem ticker apply eyeliner to the top water line.

There you have it folks. Applying mascara can be hard for some and easy for others. Now with this tips I hope you are able to apply the mascara more successfully and also make your lashes look thicker. If you are beginning to wear makeup, use a business card or something similar to make it easier for you to apply it. You will get a lot of people asking if they are real, but don’t get mad take it as a compliment. Stay tuned for more!

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