Applying Nail Strips

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Getting a manicure can be fun when you want to relax and have some time with the ladies. Sometimes it is hard to get that time for yourself. Also not only time but also the money it takes to go to the spa and get a manicure. The great thing is that with nail strips all that came to an end. They are really affordable and you can get them done at home. Nail Strips come in many different colors and patterns. There are really simple designs and also exotic ones. The application process is really simple after a couple of times that you have tried it. Also an important thing for you to do before you start is to prep your nails.

Prepping your nails is really important for the strips to stay on. Remove any old nail polish that you may have on. Shape your nails and file them to whatever shape you prefer. Massage your cuticles and use an orange stick to push them back. Now you will skip the cuticle oil process and also the base coat. The base coat will not be applied because it will stop the strip to stick. Make sure you do not put any lotion on your hands or oily products

For the nail strips to be applied you will need a small pair of scissors and a fine nail file. To start off, open your nail strips and see which one will fit with your nails. After you have done that take the nail strip and remove the clear plastic and also all the backing. Nail strips are also great because you can make them fit to your nail and stretch them. When you find one that fits line it up with your cuticle and press it on. With the excess of the strip bend it at the end of your nail. Now with your fine nail file, file the end of your nail on a downward position and the leftover strip should come off.

Now that you have your own look with the nail strips make sure you take care of them. The nail strips should last for at least two weeks if not a little longer. But always take caution on what you are doing. If you are washing dishes or anything that involves getting your hands moist make sure you wear gloves. One great tip I learned from a friend is that if the nail strip starts to come off use a blow dryer on your lowest setting and apply it back on.

Hope you like this new method and enjoy doing your nails that will take no time to dry. No matter what design you chose to put on you will always be able to do your own and not have to go in to a spa to get a new one.  Once your strip is ready to be removed always know you can use nail polish remover to remove them. Enjoy your new design and have fun with it.


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