Make Up Products

Makeup products are always an important part of our routine. Sometimes we are so busy that when one of our products is ready to run out we forget to restock. Always remember there are ways to get around a lack… Read More

rainbow eyebrows

Doing your makeup is very important for many women. We are always trying to find a look new look for us. Many women have a regular routine that they follow. Even though they follow a regular routine it is always… Read More

Face Washing

Every woman loves makeup and love to look gorgeous. It is a daily routine to put makeup on. Even though many woman love makeup at night it’s hard to remove it. Clean makeup hygiene is essential. When you leave your… Read More

Make up Do's and Donts

DON’T feel bad about your makeup after reading this post, DO start making changes if you’re committing big “Don’ts”. Enjoy! 🙂 FOUNDATION DON’T use a foundation that is darker than your skintone. It will look like a bad fake tan. If… Read More

Woman Plucking Eyebrows

Everybody desires perfectly shaped eyebrows.  No matter what you use to do your eyebrows it can be somewhat difficult at times. You will notice that the shape of your eyebrows is already set. Eyebrows are the most important feature of… Read More