Choose Colors that Compliment You

Choose Make Colors that Compliment You

Hello ladies today we will be discussing some tips on how to choose make-up to compliment your eye color. Many women find it difficult to find a makeup eye shadow that compliments their eye color. One of the things you need to get acquainted with is your skin tone. Use eye shadows that look best on you to compliment your eye color. How and where you apply your mascara and eyeliner is important.

Getting acquainted with your skin tone can be difficult at first.  Even trying to find what foundation matches your skin. One thing you can do is go to a makeup store and ask one of the skilled beauty workers if they can help you find the perfect match. You just might find the perfect tone for your skin and you can get useful tips from a professional.

How can you choose eye shadows that compliment your eyes? Pay attention to the color of your eyes. For brown eyes blue, red, pink, and green are all great choices. If you have green eyes yellow, tan, blue, gold or white will bring out the best. Have blue eyes? Try green, silver, magenta, or gold. For hazel eyes purple will really give you a pop and some other great choices are light pink, gold, green, navy blue, black, gray/silver, and even white would look great.

Eyeliners and mascara can come in handy when complimenting your eyes. There are two types of eyeliners, liquid and pencil. Eyeliners can be a hassle to put on at times. They are worn along the edge of the upper eye lid and sometimes inside the edge of the lower eye lid or both. There are many types of mascaras thickening, separating, lengthening, darkening and curling lashes along with conditioning. Mascara can give you the perfect look.

We hope that choosing the best color for you has become a little bit easier. You will find what works for you after trying out different colors and look. Choose eye shadow that makes your eyes stand pop. There are so many different color that you can choose from, choose what works for your color not someone else’s. Eyeliner and mascara are critical to a great look; play around with colors to find your match. Have fun and try new things.

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