Choosing Winter Hair Color

Bright Hair Color

Hey ladies! We all know winter is coming and we are getting ready to change our hair shade. In summer we usually keep our hair lighter and in winter we go darker. I will be telling you about a great hair dye that I found and will work for my hair this winter. It last for about 6-8 weeks and it gives shine to your hair. This hair dye is from L’Oreal Preference.

This L’Oreal hair dye comes in different colors. The one I will be using for my hair is the 5MM Medium Mahogany Brown. Because of my long thick hair, I usually use about four boxes. They cost about nine dollars at any store. You can find it at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, King Soopers, and many other stores. It works great with any kind of hair.

The color has so much vibrancy and looks amazing. This hair dye gives a nice shine to your hair, leaving it soft without tangles. This color is really elegant and chic. You can wear this color for any occasion. If you have gray hair it is great to buy the lighter colors of this L’Oreal preference dye. The lighter colors make your gray hair less noticeable when your roots start coming out.

Having the perfect hair color is always a woman’s dream. This is why this hair color is great for anyone that is looking for the perfect hair and shine. The one thing that it has that is okay is the price. Not everyone is able to afford it. What I usually do since I use four boxes is buy them at different times so when the time comes I can have them there and do my hair.

L’Oreal makes so many great different hair colors. Every collection they have out is great and leaves your hair looking and feeling great. The shine it leaves makes your hair seem more natural. It helps your beauty.


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