DIY: Chinese Staircase Ponytail


Easy hair styles come in handy every time you are in a rush or if you don’t feel like taking so much time doing your hair. The Chinese Staircase Ponytail takes about ten minutes. The materials are not that expensive and it is really easy to comprehend the look. You will see that you will get so many compliments on your staircase ponytail. If you can pass along the hair style go ahead so everyone can have fun and enjoy their new look.

The Chinese Staircase Braid will be a great look for any occasion. To begin, start by getting all the materials together.  You will need a brush, comb, hairspray or gel, water and elastic bands. All this materials will come up to cost around $10 dollars. Most of the materials you will have especially if you like to experiment with different hair styles.

Now to get started you will need to brush your hair completely from any tangles (as shown on picture 1). If you like to start you style when your hair is wet or when it is dry. It will not matter what you choose. After you have done this part a small amount of hair on the front and let it loose while you hold the rest of your hair (as shown on picture 2). The amount of hair that you have in your hand make sure you brush it thoroughly to the side were you want your style to be and then put an elastic band on it (as shown on picture 3). Now with the piece of hair that was left you will need to wrap it around your hair (as shown on picture 4) and bringing it thru so it can look like you tied a knot (as shown on picture 5).

After you have tied some sort of a knot you will grab a small piece of hair from you ponytail (as shown on picture 6). You will combine the small piece of hair to the one left over from the knot (as shown on picture 7). Continue repeating steps 4-7 until you feel that it is good enough where you want it. After a couple of steps it begins to look like staircase. You can do it all the way down to create a staircase braid. When you have finished with your ponytail it should look like picture 9. You can curl the bottom part of your ponytail if you would like.

Hope it was easy for you to follow the steps. One more thing at the end you can put some hair spray and some hair oil so your style can stay in place. The stair case ponytail is not hard to do and it does not take that much of your time. You can also wear it all the way down like a long stair case or short one. It is also great for any occasion. With some accessories you can finish the look to be more elegant. Have fun and enjoy summer time.

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