Half Bump Ponytail

bumped ponytail

It takes a couple times sometimes to get what we want. Even then we end up frustrated and upset. This is why I will show you how to do a half bump ponytail. It will be done in about nine steps and you will not need any expensive materials to do this. Also, it will only take about 15 minutes if that to achieve.

Getting your hair done at a salon can take time. You need to get an appointment ahead of time and then wait till a certain time. You also pay about 25-30 dollars for your hair style. This is why it will save you money and time to do your own hairstyle. Showing you this hairstyle will help you to learn and do your own.

Some materials that you will need are really easy to find at the comfort of your home

  • Bobby Pins– This will help you secure your hair and prevent it from falling.
  • Comb– It will help you smooth your hair and to part it.
  • Teasing Brush– You will use it to tease your hair and bangs.
  • Hair Spray- Help you to keep your hair together and steady.

Now that you have these materials let’s get started:

  1. Take your comb and put it right on the side of your ear and go directly on the crown parting your hair.
  2.  Do the same on the other side.
  3. Gather it in the form of a ponytail.
  4. Comb your hair so it can be nice and even.
  5. Do 2-3 rotations and twist your hair.
  6. Mark the desire volume on the crown and take your bobby pin and insert it and fold it over.
  7. Take your bangs and tease them 3 times starting at the scalp.
  8. Create whatever height you desire and insert a bobby pin.
  9. Insert the rest of the hair on the bump and smooth it out.

Now with this hairstyle you will be able to do your hair in 15 minutes. It does not cost much to do your hair. You don’t have to be in a waiting list. This new look will help you look gorgeous.

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