How To: Bold Eyebrows

Here are some quick steps to achieve a bold brow, without looking like you’re mad at the world! 😛

One of the first things to do is finding the right shade for your eyebrows. They’re tons of different brands out there with different shades. Some people use eyeshadow, pencil or gel. My personal favorite is the e.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Brown. It comes with two shades of brown, one is gel-like and the other is a lighter brown in powder. And the best part is that is only $3 and works great for brunettes AND blondes. 🙂

BRUNETTES- Use one shade lighter or same shade as hair color. (It all depends on what color you’re hair is, or if you have highlights.)

BLONDES- Use one shade darker than you’re hair color.

Here is what you’ll need. Your choice of color for the brow, a brush, and a highlighter for the brow bone.

e.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Brown

Step 1 and 2- Using your brush, make sure the inner and outer corner of your brows match along with your nose the outer corner of your eye.

Step 3 and 4- Start filling in the inner corner of brow and work your way out, shaping the brown by making the corners bold and strengthening the arch.

Step 5- Brush brow hair upwards with mini brow brush and highlight brow bone for more definition.

How To Bold Eyebrow Steps

…and here is your final look! 🙂

Bold Eyebrow: Before and After

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  1. avatar Mindy Bowes says:

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