VIDEO – How To: Clean Makeup Brushes

Using dirty makeup brushes may be the number one reason for breakouts and irritated skin. You transfer bacteria and natural oils onto your brushes every time they contact your skin.

It’s very important to clean your brushes at least once a week if you use them every day. If you’re are super busy all the time like me, take at least 15 minutes of your time once a month to wash your makeup brushes to not only prevent acne but to make your brushes last a long time.

They might look clean, but they’re full of old makeup, natural oils, dirt, dead skin cells, AND bacteria! So how often do YOU clean your brushes???

I usually wash them at night, that way they are clean, dry and ready to use in the morning. So get your dirty brushes and start following these easy steps on how to clean your brushes! 🙂

Dirty Brushes


What You Will Need:

Baby shampoo or liquid detergent– I use dish soap or e.l.f brush cleaner for only $3 from

Olive oil or Almond oil– For brushes that need major cleaning, for example, gel eyeliner brushes that tend to get stiff with makeup residue.

Hair conditioner– To condition brush hair for softness.

Hand Sanitizer– To sanitize the brush handles.

How To:

Start off by taking your brush and wet it completely with lukewarm water…

wet it completely with lukewarm water

Add the soap and gently move around the plate.

Add the soap and gently move around the plate

You’ll be surprised how dirty your brushes really are! :0

Dirty Bush

Once they’re clean, add some hair conditioner to keep the brush hair soft like when you first bought them!

add some hair conditioner to keep the brush hair soft

Squeeze the bristles to put them into shape. Remember, if you don’t put them in shape and let them dry, you will not be able to put them back in place again once they are dry. Don’t ruin your brushes!

Clean Brushes

Lastly, using hand sanitizer, sanitize the handle of your brushes. Remember, anything that is on the handle of your brushes is being passed to everything else you touch, no bueno!!

Hope this was helpful, and I hope everyone starts cleaning their brushes from now on! 🙂


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