How to Crimp Your Hair

Crimped Hair
The 80’s are back in a big way. New York and Milan Fashion Week celebrated the “me “ decade with throwback fashions and 80’s inspired looks and music is drawing inspiration and sampling from 80’s pop, dance, R and B and hip hop.Hair trends have also been taking cues from the 80’s and asymmetrical cuts and crimped hair are making a comeback. You can get this retro look at home, without investing in a ton of mousse and Aqua net hair spray.

The key to 80’s inspired hair is to pay homage to the look, without duplicating the style exactly. On the runway last spring, models wore much looser, less frizzy crimped styles. To get this modernly retro look, keep your bangs and roots smooth and sleek. Crimp cautiously, pulling random pieces of hair out to style, and stopping short of the end. This makes your hair look more modern and less like an extra from a Def-Leppard video.

Hair Crimp Tips

First, prep your hair with a volumizing spray or lotion (please step away from the Mousse). If you have a crimper, (readily available on Amazon), clamp the crimper on 2”inch sections of your hair, beginning just below your roots. Hold in place for a few seconds, and then work your way down the shaft of your hair. Next, tease your hair by brushing 2” sections until they are loose and full. Give your hair a good dose of hair spray (please avoid the Aqua Net) and you have a fun, 80’s inspired style.

If you are without a crimper, you can still achieve this look with a little more work. The easiest way is to braid sections of damp hair. Before braiding, run a thickening lotion through your hair. Divide your hair into 2” or 3” inch sections. Either let your hair dry naturally or blast it with your hair dryer to speed up the process. Undo your braids and finger comb the waves for a looser, crimped style.

If you have a flat iron, you can use it to get a looser, crimped look. Spray completely dry hair with a thermal protection spray and section hair into 1” pieces. Clamp your hair just below your roots, and twist the flat iron upwards, so it is at a 90 degree angle. Hold for a minute, and release the hair. Move down about ¾ of an inch, clamp your hair and twist it downward. Repeat the upward downward pattern until all your hair has been crimped.

Crimping your hair is a fun and easy way to embrace the 80’s trend. Be sure to balance your retro hair with a more modern makeup and clothing. You want to look fresh and fun, not like you are on your way to a theme party. Keep the blue eye shadow and neon lipstick at home and utilize a bare, dewy face and subtle lip. Most importantly, keep your hair accessories to a minimum- absolutely no scrunchies or banana clips.

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