How to do a Side Bow Ponytail

Bow Tie

Many ladies out there wear bows in some for way or another. Well today you will learn how to do a bow with your own hair. It is really easy to do and it doesn’t take that much time. Everybody can do this it does not require a special skill. I hope that everyone enjoys it and I encourage you to try it out. This hair style can be used in more than one occasion. You can do it for school or even for a wedding.

The side bow is really easy and looks great when you are done. So to begin gather all of your materials together so you don’t run around looking for them. Running around can be distracting when you are trying to get the perfect bow. You will need a brush, comb, bobby pins, elastic bands, hairspray, curling iron and a blow dryer. You do not need to use the blow dryer if you do not have one or if you do not feel like using it. The blow dryer gives some volume to my hair when I blow-dry it upside down but you can test it if you like.

You will need to dry your hair with the blow dryer or tease it. Try to add as much volume as you like. Then you will lightly brush your hair to the right or left side. It doesn’t matter which side you choose. Now that you have your hair to one side; tie it with an elastic band and tighten it. Grab a small portion of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail so the elastic band does not show. When you are done rapping it around secure it with a bobby pin. Now grab a small portion of hair from the top of your ponytail and pin it upward with a bobby pin. With your ponytail divide it in half going horizontally. After you divide your hair horizontally, divide the top half of the ponytail in two (vertically).  Using two elastic bands tie each side about three inches down.

Now that you have your two sides with your elastic bands make a curl inward to form each side of the bow. You will be securing each side with two bobby pins going up and down. Now unpin the small strand of hair that you pinned earlier and bring it straight down to create the middle part of the bow and secure it with a bobby pin at the base. With your bow done you will use your curling iron to curl the remaining hair. When you are done curling add your hairspray so your style will last for the rest of your day.

With your hair done you can go anywhere you like. You will be getting a lot of compliments of how great it looks. It is a real simple and easy hairstyle. The materials are not expensive to buy as you can buy them at a dollar store for all that matters. Hope you all love it. Feel free to comment or post a picture of your finished look.

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