How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Big Lips

Winter is coming and having smooth big lips is hard. Most woman have lips that get dry and chapped during winter. They hurt when they are chapped and dry. This is why it is necessary to keep your lips moisturized. Keeping your lips moisturized and looking good is always a concern for many woman. They worried about having lips that are too small, that they go on and get surgery to make them look fuller. Their will be no need to get surgery from what I am about to teach you. In just a number of steps you will have your lips looking full and luscious.

There are so many ways to make your lips bigger. Many woman turn to plastic surgery to get their lips to look bigger. For some who do not have the money to have plastic surgery they turn to over the counter products. This method that I will show you will help you to make your lips bigger in just ten minutes. It will be really easy and fast. You will not need to buy any tools, since they are right in your makeup bag.

These are the tools you will need:

  • Tooth Brush – Exfoliating your lips is always good to keep them looking nicer.
  • Concealed – Apply on the lips to make the color stick.
  • Lip Liner – Line your lips to make them stand out.
  • Lip Stick – Fill in your lips.
  • White eye shadow – Help make your lips look bigger.
  • Lip Gloss – Makes your lips look shiny and fuller.
  • Cotton Ball – You will need them to dry the excess water.

Here are the steps that you will follow:

  1. Exfoliate your lips by brushing your lips softly with your toothbrush. This will help to take all the dead skin and help them rise at the same time.
  2. Grab your cotton ball and cab it on your lips to get all the excess water off your lips.
  3. Now grab your concealer and apply it on your lips. These will help your lipstick stay on longer.
  4. With your lip liner you will create a line down the middle of the lips and also around the outer line of your lips. Make sure you do not do the corners.
  5. Lip stick will be applied to fill in your lips, starting from the inner of your lip towards the corners of your mouth.
  6. With your white eye shadow dab a little bit on the inner part of your bottom lip and smudge them together.
  7. For the last step apply a small amount of lip gloss.

Who would have ever thought that making your lips bigger would be so easy? You have no need to have surgery and spend money. This method to make your lips bigger was really easy to achieve. With the tools from your makeup bag you can do anything. No that you have your lips looking bigger, go and enjoy yourselves. Thanks for tuning in, till next time!


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    I also get excellent results with a lip plumper.

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