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Opi Liquid Sand Polish

Your hands are the number one thing that people see. Where ever you work or go to you always have to use your hands. That is why it is always wise to keep your nails looking good and neat. As woman we have the advantage of wearing nail polish to make them look more appealing. We can wear different kinds of nail polish every day if we would like. Not only that but we can have nail art done on our nail or just leave them plain. One nail polish that I recently bought is from OPI and it is liquid sand.  This nail polish makes your hands look really elegant and neat.

This OPI liquid sand nail polish is from the Minnie Mouse Nail Collection. The Minnie Mouse Nail Collection is so adorable and the colors are really cute. You can find this collection at ULTA Beauty. Unfortunately when I was looking for the mini collection they had ran out. So I ended up buying the one called Magazine Cover Mouse, which is a single nail polish. What really drew my attention was the vibrant color. It is a reddish color with gold glitter in it. One other thing that really appealed to me was that it was chip proof.  Also, it said that it was long lasting and it would last for more than two weeks.

When I do my nails I am so clumsy when it comes to messing them up before they dry. What I really enjoyed about this liquid sand nail polish was that it dries super fast. Having it dry fast is an A++ for me. The applicator brush is nice and big, making it easy to apply the nail polish faster and easier. I love the reddish color with glitter that it comes in. I love how it look with my skin tone and I know you are going to love it with your skin tone as well. I have used this liquid sand nail polish for almost two weeks now and it hasn’t start to chip yet.

Even though this nail polish is fabulous, at the time of removal it is really hard to come off. What I did when taking mine off was I used a 100% acetone remover. Using this acetone makes it come off more easily. You can find this acetone at any drug store or even a grocery store. Unlike regular nail polish this one is really bumpy. Of course having sand in it makes it bumpy. I personally didn’t mind it but just letting you know incase you like the smooth kind of look. I paid only $9 for it. I know the price is a little high but being an OPI nail polish it is worth it.

This OPI liquid sand nail polish is worth buying. Not only does it last for a while but it chip proof as well. The color looks amazing having a little shimmer. Even though it is bumpy it doesn’t snag. The appearance looks stunning, making your hand look really clean and neat. I will be buying the collection and see how the other colors look as well. Have a wonderful day.


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