Foundation Principles

Foundation Colors

Foundation is so important to a woman’s routine. Many woman use foundation to cover any imperfections they may have. Whether it is pressed foundation, liquid foundation, or even powder foundation they all work about the same. Picking the exact same color of your skin can be hard at times. Knowing where to test the color if in the arm or the neck is kinda frustrating. We hope this article will help you with find your perfect color and guide you to the right direction.

Pressed foundation comes with a sponge or puff used to set pressed foundation. You can wear the pressed foundation after you put on your liquid foundation if desired. To apply this foundation you will need to just pat it over your face and neck. Remember not to rub it on but only pat it on. Anywhere you go you will be able to find this foundation.

Liquid foundation is really great to cover up your blemishes. This foundation will cover all of them and really work great with pressed foundation. With the liquid foundation you will apply it both on your face and neck to get that even tone that you always wanted. First, you will put a splodge of foundation on the back of your hand. Then you will use your foundation brush and sweep some onto your face and only blend on the edges. Now that you are almost done add your pressed foundation if you will like.

Powder foundation is great for people who have oily skin. And it also is something that will not fell as heavy on your face. This foundation can also be applied by itself. Many people really enjoy this because is so light on your face. This foundation you can apply by dabbing it and blending it in on the edges of your face. This will create a natural look for your face.

Foundations are sometimes hard to get the right color. Some makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora have beauty specialist that can help you find your right color. No matter what kind of foundation you use it will always be good for your type of skin. Remember that you can combine the liquid and pressed or powder foundation for a better cover up.