Three Ways to Do an Up Do

Hair Bun HairstyleUp-dos can be really fun to play around with. One of the most common up do that we see is the classic bun. We will give you some tips on how to get a perfect bun. The simple looped ponytail is also really easy and it does not take much time. Another one of the up-dos can be a reverse side braid. With these up-dos you will be able to get ready for any occasion in just ten minutes at the max.

The classic bun is really easy to do and it does not take so long to achieve the look. The materials you will need are a sock, scissors, comb, elastic band, and bobby pins. You will start of by using your sock. You should use and old clean sock as we will be cutting it and also try to get it as close to you hair color. Start by rolling the top of your sock down forming a doughnut as you go down. Also make sure it is evenly rolled. Now when you have reached almost the end you will grave your scissors and cut the toes off. With your hair start making yourself a ponytail and comb it so it does not have any tangles. Grave your doughnut that you created and pull your hair thru the hole. Now lean forward and spread your hair evenly so the sock is completely covered. Place an elastic hair band to secure your bun and tuck the excess ends with bobby pins. You will be set to enjoy your new up-do.

The simple looped ponytail is also easy and timeless. You will need an elastic band, comb, and a couple hair accessories if you want to play with it. To start you will need to comb your hair. You can do the parting of your hair wherever you prefer. Now with your comb start combing your hair into a ponytail. It really does not matter where you decide to where your pony tail. After you have done this separate your hair in two, right above your elastic band. Now that they are both separated you will take the bottom of your hair and loop it thru going inward. When you are done looping it thru make sure you put a rubber band at the end and tighten it. With some accessories you can turn your look from an everyday look to and elegant one.

The reverse side braid will take about six minutes to do. The material you will need will be a comb and a rubber band. Start gathering all your hair to the right side or left side of your face. Leave a little bit of hair out if you don’t have bangs. Now start doing your braid but make sure that you do it loosely. After you have finished your braid tie it with a rubber band. After you braid is done if you do not like it to hang on the back of your neck, you can roll your hair back there and secure it with a bobby pin. Now just put your braid a little bit to make it chunky.

All of these up-dos are really easy to achieve. You can also add hair spray to each one of these to secure it for a longer lasting hair style. You can also play around with it and have fun. These up-dos can easily be transformed for any occasion you want. Look at the bright side if you just add a couple of accessories you won’t need to go to the salon and pay high prices to get an up-do. Enjoy!

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