Top 5 Beauty Beauty Blogs of 2013 – Part One

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Hey everyone, this week I decided to do things a little different. Since the end of the year is here I will share with you my favorite beauty posts of 2013. This part is just the first of three different sections. The first section is five posts that we really enjoyed from other beauty sites. The second will be about the top five blogs that we liked. Last but not least will be the top five posts from YBM. I hope you enjoy this week the top five posts we picked. If you would like to share with us your top five go ahead and comment.


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This Rosette Braid was being written about in every beauty site after the runway show. This braid is a great look for a weeding or an every day look. It is a half and half hair do, meaning half up/half down. It is not only great for the fall but it is also good for winter to keep your shoulders warm. This step by step tutorial is really easy to follow and to accomplish. One thing I really liked was the photos and also the step by step descriptions in case you wonder what each picture it about. This Rosette Braid really helps anyone that is trying to learn how to do hairstyles.  

The New Joy to the Girls Palette by Too Faced Cosmetics

makeup and beauty blog girls palette

The Joy to the Girls Palette comes with 15 powder eye shadows in matte, shimmer, and can’t leave behind glitter. Not only does it come with the 15 shadows it has a full-sized mascara. It comes with three different ways to wear your eye shadows. These three ways are Weekday, Weekend, and Party Time. No matter how you feel about having a matte, shimmer, or glittery shadow you can pick from the same palette. This palette is great for anyone who loves to wear different shadows every day. Having selections to pick from is great also combining them.

Marc Jacobs Beauty at Sephora

marc jacobs


Fall Makeup Tutorial 2013


This makeup tutorial that Dulce Candy released in the Fall is gorgeous. It explores the vibrant and rich hues of the Fall. Moving from summer to fall is really great so you can play with different palettes. Not only do you get to play around with your makeup but with your clothes as well. The makeup she uses is from varies from different companies. Meaning you can accomplish this with your own makeup. This look is one of my favorites because you can do it at any time or event.

9 Makeup Brushes You Should Own

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Makeup is great to look at and wear. There are so many different kinds of makeup starting from liquid, creamy, powdered, or solid. No matter what kind of makeup you are wearing it is always wise to use some tools. Some of this tools you should use are makeup brushes. This article shows you 9 makeup brushes that are a must have. The first are foundation brush, powder brush, bronzer brush, and blush brush. Next are the brushes for your eyes, which are the eyeliner brush, fluffy eye shadow brush, blending eye shadow brush, dense eye shadow brush, and the angled eye shadow brush. This article really helps you to see why they are needed.

We had so many different posts to pick from that we couldn’t make up our minds. These top five that we picked were enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all the beauty blogs out there for your post as well. It was a great journey to see so many different things being posted, from makeup tutorial, fashion, makeup reviews, and even the different pictures that were posted.

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