Top 5 Beauty Beauty Blogs of 2013 – Part Two

Top 5 Beauty Blogs of 2013

Hey everyone, last week I decided to do things a little different. Since the end of the year is here we started sharing with you my favorite beauty blogs of 2013. I shared part one last week. It was about five posts that we really enjoyed from other beauty sites. Now this week we will share the top five blogs that we liked. Next week will be the top five posts from YBM. I hope you enjoy this week the top five blogs we picked. Please feel free to share your favorite blogs in the comment section below.

makeup and beauty blog girls palette

One thing we really enjoy about this blogs is the daily post. It has different post every day and great reviews on different products. You can’t forget about Tabs either.  Such a beautiful cat. I have so many post I could talk about in this site but one that I really liked was entitled ” The Illuminati Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against the Orly Secret Society Holiday Collection.” It shows you how all of the different nail polishes look on. It also gives you a couple of hints of why you should or shouldn’t buy the product.

beauty department fall braid

I love visiting The Beauty Department every time as they have something different all the time. I enjoy the step by step pictures that they post with any kind of look they are showing you. My favorite are the hair tutorials. One of the ones I like is entitled “Natural Waves For Fine Hair“. This post gives you step by step pictures on how to get those natural waves going.

dulce candy

This blog has so many different fashion tips. They have so many different kinds of outfits that they give you different ideas for you to try. There are also a couple of makeup tutorials for you to try. One of my favorite fashion post is the one entitled “Creamsicle“. This romper seems really cozzy. You can style it many different ways.

Diana Argon

I love going to Makeup Talk and participating in the different discussions. The have many different subject for you to choose from. I like to participate on their forum. I enjoyed this post entitled “Get the Look: Dianna Agron” which helps you to try  achieve the look. It gives you pointers on what you need in order to get this look.

clumps mascara

This blog focuses on reviewing all different kinds of mascara. This section of doing the reviews is really helpful to many different people. Who doesn’t go on the web and tries to find if something is good before buying it? Having a picture of the mascara you are about to buy is good since you know a little bit of what you can expect.

We had so many different blogs to pick from that we couldn’t make up our minds. These top five that we picked were always enjoyed. Thanks to all the beauty blogs out there for your excellent blogs. It was a great journey to see so many different things being done on every single blog.

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