Using Make-Up for a Natural look

Natural Makeup Look

Everyone desires a natural look at one point or another. We have a couple of tips that can help you achieve this. As natural beauties we know that a natural look takes a little time and a little make up. Follow these simple tips you will have your natural look in no time.

You will need to prep your skin. A great natural look starts with clear skin. Make sure that you are washing your face and using make up remover every night to remove heavy make-up.  After, you have cleaned your face completely make sure you moisturize it. Make sure to use a moisturizer that is made for your type of skin. Your skin  might be sensitive, dry or oily; choose accordingly. Now you will put your primer and then your foundation to hold on to your skin.

Now you will need to even out your skin tone. Before putting on your foundation make sure you are using the right foundation color. You can check by dabbing a couple of spots on your cheeks and angling your face a few different ways to see if it matches.  You can start applying foundation by dabbing your fingers or sponge in the foundation and then dabbing it on your face till it matches your skin tone. Make sure you apply foundation under your chin if not it there will be a line where your foundation ends.  Use a concealer to hide dark or red spots. Make sure it is the same color as your foundation.

Add a little bit of fun to your look by adding eye shadow. The color you should use should be gold, brown or silver depending on your skin tone. You can also use other lighter tones that are not too deep. When you apply your eye shadow remember to blend the colors. Use your eyeliner and apply on your eyelid and using a cotton bud smudge it a little bit. Then, curls your eye lashes, apply mascara and your bronzer on your cheek bones. Apply a neutral lip color and you are good to go.

These tips are useful for everyone to follow whether you are barely starting your make up journey or looking to try something new. We went from prepping our faces to help our skin look healthy to achieving your natural look. Remember always choose foundation that matches your skin and concealer that matches your foundation. Do not overdue it with deep eye shadow color when trying to achieve a natural look. Enjoy your new look and have fun.

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