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Top 5 Beauty Beauty Blogs of 2013 – Part Three

top 5 part 3

Welcome back everyone! This is the third part of top 15 posts in 2013. So what is this third part about? The top five post from Your Beauty Marks. Hope you enjoy our top five. We will shake things up… Read More

Make-Up Hygiene

Make Up Hygiene

Ladies today we are going to be talking about make-up hygiene. We as ladies love make-up but, at the same time it can get a little messy. By taking a little extra time to maintain your make up hygiene you… Read More

Preserving Your Acrylic Nails

Preserving Your Nails

Acrylic nails are perfect for those who bite their nails, have weak nails beds, or just can’t seem to grow their nails long. They do, however, require a fair amount of upkeep and maintenance, to keep the looking good and… Read More