huda beauty ruby obsessions

While surfing the internet for new makeup I came across the new Huda Beauty Precious Stones Obsessions Palettes and I had to try one out. I chose the Ruby Obsessions palette. The Brand Huda Beauty was founded by makeup artist,… Read More

Colorful Eyeliner Steps

Makeup is something a lady wears all the time. Sometimes we want to try different thing and need to buy products in order to accomplish the look.  There are so many different colors of eyeliners that we cannot keep buying… Read More

Applying Mascara the right way

For many of us, applying mascara was something we had to practice. Like they say practice makes perfect. If you are just starting to wear makeup it is important to know the right way to wear it. You do not… Read More

How to Do Your Own Eye Gloss

Many of you have seen the new trend of Eye Gloss. It looks nice and makes your eyes look bigger. Today, I decided to show you how to make your own. There is no need for you to go and… Read More

top 5 part 3

Welcome back everyone! This is the third part of top 15 posts in 2013. So what is this third part about? The top five post from Your Beauty Marks. Hope you enjoy our top five. We will shake things up… Read More