Makeup Removal Tips

Face Washing

Every woman loves makeup and love to look gorgeous. It is a daily routine to put makeup on. Even though many woman love makeup at night it’s hard to remove it. Clean makeup hygiene is essential. When you leave your makeup on at night your pores clog up. Removing your makeup at night is essential to having gorgeous skin.

Removing makeup takes about 15 minutes. You will not need many materials to take your makeup off.

You will need some kind of eye makeup remover. Regular makeup remover can be to ruff for your eyes and can irritate them. Cotton balls can be used to apply the makeup. You will also need Q-tips so you can get to the tough spots in your eyes. Water, a cloth and soap are essential to finish. You will be spending anywhere between 5-30 dollars on makeup remover.

You will start by dabbing the cotton ball on the makeup remover bottle for a quick second. This need to be done quickly as you don’t want the cotton to absorb so much makeup remover that it is dripping on your eyes. After you have done this wipe your eyelids and around the bottom of your eye line. Now fill the sink with hot water and put a towel on your head. When the sink gets full of hot water hold your head over the steam. This will open your pores and make it easier for your makeup to come off.

Now that you have had your face steamed let it sit for 30 seconds. Using your soap and water close your eyes and rub your face thoroughly. Most of the makeup comes off in this step. Make sure not to wash your face too roughly. You will see that a little bit of mascara or eyeliner is under your eye. With a damped Q-tip remove all that extra makeup near the bottom of your eye. Now splash your face with a little bit of cold water; then apply your favorite moisturizer with a cloth by dabbing.

Having a clean beautiful face is so refreshing for every woman. Washing your face at night is great and easy for woman to get that natural skin. As you see 15 minutes of your time at night can be really rewarding. Removing your makeup is really important to give your pores some fresh air. So keep your face clear and enjoy your look every day.