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If you are trying to look different this new year, why not do something different with your hair. One thing that I really see coming around again are bangs. Whether it’s side bangs, straight or uneven bangs. I will teach you the steps to cut your own bangs. One thing to keep in mind is to start cutting little by little.

When I use to go and get my hair cut at the hair salon, at times they would cut more than I wanted too. This is why I started cutting my bangs my self, cause if I cut them too short at least I didn’t pay for it. They charge you at least 23 to 25 dollars to cut you hair. It is really heard to find a salon or someone that cuts your hair the way you want them too. I hope that sharing how I cut my bangs with you is helpful and you can do it your self.

The tools you need will be:

  • Hair Cutting Sheers – Cut your hair.
  • Clip or Elastic Band – holds your hair back so it doesn’t get on the way.
  • Water – Prep your hair to get it ready to cut.
  • Comb – section off your hair.
  • Brush – untangle your hair.
  • Hair Straighter – Straighten your hair.

Now let’s get chopping. These are the steps to get the perfect bangs:

  1. Brush all your hair to take out all the tangles.
  2. Part your hair starting at the end of your eyebrow and go straight up. Do this to both sides.
  3. It doesn’t matter how much hair you pull at this point, since you will be dividing it up still.
  4. Now that you have the hair you separated to the front tie or clip the rest of your hair so they do not get mixed.
  5. Now continue parting the hair you want to cut off. Make sure you make it even from both sides and also the top.
  6. Grab your hair cutting sheers and start cutting to the length you want. Keep in mind that since you have your hair wet it appears to be longer, when your hair dries it is shorter that it seems when it’s wet.
  7. Now that you have cut them, use your straighter to straighten your bangs and arrange them the way you want to.

New Year, New you! I hope that this tips helped you to get the perfect bangs. Remember to cut little by little so that you do not mess up. Also, if you want thicker bangs than get more hair and if you want less bangs get less hair. One other thing, remember that what you do to one side, do to the other side. Enjoy the new look and stay toned for more beauty tips.


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