DIY: Three Braided Braid

Three Braided Braid

Unique hair styles are good for any occasion that you are attending, whether it’s formal, casual, or business casual; how your hair looks can make or break your look. They also help to keep you cool when there is heat and to keep your hair looking nice when there is wind. The three braided braid is one of my favorites. It can be done using simple materials and inexpensive. Let me show you three simple steps to achieve the three braided braid.

Going to a salon and getting a hair do done can cost money. Not only does it cost but you have to have an appointment or be in the waiting list. Doing it yourself is easy and fast. Each braid will come out better as you get more practice and experience. It will only cost about from five to fifteen dollars. You can buy these materials at ULTA BEAUTY.

The materials that you will need are:

  • Hair Brush – It will help to get all of the tangles out of your hair. If you do not have a brush, ULTA has one that is only $4.99. It’s made by Conair.
  • Hair Comb – The comb will help your hair look nice and even. It will also help you to part your hair. I recommend you buy this comb from Ulta if you do not have one. Only cost $2.49.
  • Water – You will need this to keep your hair from sticking up and to keep your hair together.
  • Hair Bands – These will be used at the end when you are done braiding your hair.
  • Hair Spray – Keeping your hair together at the end of your hair braid.

Now to get started we will brush all the hair. This will be done to take the tangles out. After, you are done part your hair in three and keep each part separated. Grab your comb and comb one of the parted parts of hair. Make sure to take all of the tangles out of your hair. Add water so your hair will stay still and together. Now part that piece of hair in three and start braiding it. Tie your braid when you are done and start over again with the next part of hair. Repeat these steps until you do all three parts. After all the three braids are done braid the three of them together and tie at the end. For the final step you will use your hair spray and spray it on the braid.

Hair styles can give you that unique look and are fun to create. No matter what occasion you are attending you will be able to do this hair do. The three braided braid is easy to do and at a low cost. You do not have to be on a list or wait to get this hair style done. Enjoy your three braided braid in this six easy steps.

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  1. wow this looks amazing!

    and it’s really easy!

    definitely going to try it out!

    xoxo Rose

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