Evening Make Up Touch Up

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It doesn’t matter if your make up is a pricey department store brand or a less expensive drug store favorite, there’s a good chance you’ll need a touch up in order to go from day make up to night make up. You’ll want to touch up and enhance your day look, since evening make up calls for a bolder, stronger palate and application.

If you have the time, it’s best to start with a clean face. Stow some make up removing wipes in your purse. These will adequately remove foundation, dirt, oil, and eye makeup from your skin.  Cotton blotting papers are also a great option for removing excess oil if you don’t need to don’t have time to remove all your make up.

If you are starting with a clean face, reapply any liquid foundation. If you only need a touch up, reapply cover up to cover blemishes, dark circles under your eyes, or redness and discoloration around your nose. If your skin is a little oily, use a mineral power foundation to even skin tone and control shine. You won’t need as much blush for evening, but you can add a little powder shimmer on your cheeks, bridge of your nose, and shoulders, if they are exposed.

Give your eye shadow a quick update by sweeping a medium color shadow on your lid, and add the light colored shadow to highlight your brow bone. Use a dark shadow to enhance the outer corner of your eyes, and blend well. If you need to a little more drama, add a little eye shimmer on your finish with a fresh coat (or two) or black mascara. If you have a steady hand, and a few extra minutes, add a little black or brown eyeliner to your upper lid and extend the line into a “wing” for a fun, flirty cat eye. Many cosmetic companies package all the eye shadows you need in a slim and portable compact.

Evening make up calls for a stronger lip, so reapply lip liner and lipstick in a deeper, richer color.  Clear lip gloss provides an extra layer of shine as well as protection to keep your lip color on your lips and off your wine glass.  Remember, if you are going dramatic on your eyes, choose a more subtle lip. A lighter eye calls for a bolder pout. Just keep yourself balanced.

When creating a “to go” make up bag, choose products that can be used for both day and night. You’ll only need one set of eye shadows, if the pallet comes with a highlighter, a shimmer, a neutral lid color and a dark liner. Opt for the neutral color for day and add the extras for evening. The same works for both lip color. You don’t need a full make up counter full of cosmetics to help you go from day to night.

Don’t forget to pack some statement jewelry, a small clutch, and some sexy shoes, and you’re ready to leave the office and paint the town red!

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