Five Makeup Products you Can’t Live Without when Traveling

Make up Products

Going on a trip is really fun just to think about. People in general tend to procrastinate and leave packing to the last second. As woman we have a hard choice of what to take in our bags that is need since we think we love everything we have. One thing we can’t live without is our makeup. If only we could take all of it, it would make it so much easier. But since that is not possible we will give you our tips on what makeup to take when you travel.

Our face makeup is the first thing we should pack. One thing I always chose to take is my pressed foundation. With my foundation I can cover all the flaws on my face. Who doesn’t want to look their best when they are going on a trip? No matter how young you are it is always good for those late nights and early mornings.

Eye makeup is also important to pack. Eye shadow is nice to wear on a trip to make your eyes pop. Earth tones are really good to take since you can wear them with anything. You can also make your eye shadow darker or lighter on different days. There are quite a few things you can do with the same eye shadows. Mascara and eye liner also add to your look and style.

Now for your lips you can chose between lipstick or lip gloss. If you like to wear color and have your lips looking dull than you can pick lip stick. But if you like your lips to pop than you can pick lip gloss. They also sell the lip gloss that has color in it. Whatever you chose I am sure it will look amazing on you.

Who would have ever thought that packing your makeup could be so easy? Trying to decide on what to take couldn’t have been easier. Notice how I didn’t put makeup remover; use soap and water to rinse your makeup off. So if you are planning a trip soon don’t forget to pack you makeup. You can also do more combinations.

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