How to Blend Your Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

Eye shadows are so different in colors and there are so many varieties. Using a single color of eye shadow can be ideal for certain situations, like going to work, school, or running errands. When you use multiple colors it helps your eyes pop and adds dimension to your eyes. When you use a darker color of eye shadow it gives your crease a deeper appearance and defines your crease. Also, when you darken the outer portion of the lid it often defines the natural eye shape. Contrasting the dark eye shadow with a light eye shadow opens up your eye.

If you are a beginner try stick to eye shadows that are similar in color. Eye shadows that are totally different in color can be harder to blend. The different texture of shadows and the type of base you choose can also simplify or complicate the process. Smooth textures are really easy to blend compared to chalky or matte ones. Ways you can tell if the eye shadow will be easy to blend is to swatch both on the back of your hand and test it. When you put the eye shadows on the back of your hand it will indicate how easily it will be to blend and how easily you can use them on your eyes.

To apply make-up it is so much better to use brushes other than your fingertips. Your eye lids are so sensitive and when using a brush it will put less pressure and it will pull and stretch less. Using sponge applicators is better than using fingers too but not as good as brushes. One down side on using sponges is that you lose a lot of product. When blending with a sponge it complicates your process since excess eye shadow is left on the sponge. This is why brushes are best since they pick up only a little bit of color, allowing you to have better precision to determine the strength and vibrancy of your eye shadow.

Blending can be difficult for some people but always remember that practice makes perfect. To begin with you will need to apply two colors or more on your eyelid. A couple ways to do it is by applying each color and blend after words or apply one color and blend as you apply the second one. With the first method you can apply the two shadows and as you apply take your brush and hold it just at the end of the lightest color this way your bristles will be vertically to your eye lid. Put your darker shadow at the end and drag your lightest color to it. The goal is to soften the edge between the two colors so it can appear fluent on your eyelid. The second method is the same as the first one the only difference is that you follow the darkest to lightest.

Learning about blending and with what to do it is really important. Remember that shadows are so different in color so if you are a beginner choose color similar that way it is easier for you to blend. When you are trying to find a tool to blend your colors always remember that brushes are highly recommended. It does not matter what method you use, because you will get a good result. Have fun and enjoy blending.


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