How to use a Bun Ring

Perfect Bun with Bun Ring Steps

Hi everyone, so today I decided to use the bun ring I was given. I had it sitting in my dresser drawer with all my other hair supplies and had never tried to use it. This morning when I woke up I decided that it was time to it to come out that drawer. Here is how I figured out how to use this bun ring. Bun rings retail anywhere from $3-$15 online. It is a really easy hair style to try that it can be accomplished in five minutes at the max ten.

Bun rings come in four different sizes. The sizes vary since we all have different kinds of hair. We can have long or short hair, thin or thick hair. They are also made in color black and brown. I browsed on the net to see what other colors and it seems that you can get pretty much any color, even rainbow ones. So you can buy them in the store or order one online.

Ideal Hair Bun Materials

To start off here are the materials you will need:

  • Brush or Comb – Use your brush or com to even out your hair.
  • Bun ring – This is the main tool that we will use to create the bun.
  • Bobby Pins – I will be using bobby pins to secure the hair.
  • Hair Spray – Spray some on the finished look so everything will stay in place.

Bun Ring Steps

Follow these steps and you will be set to get the perfect bun.

  1. Use your comb or brush to do a pony tail in the center of your head. If you want your bun to be to the side, do the ponytail to the side.
  2. Grab your bun ring and take your ponytail threw the whole.
  3. Secure the bun ring to your head with a bobby pin.
  4. Now spread your hair evenly around the bun ring.
  5. Tuck the end in to the point that your bun looks evenly. I found that it was easy to hold the bun with the hair in place with one hand and then with the other hand I just went around with ends and tuck them in.
  6. Use a couple of bobby pins to secure the hair under the bun ring.
  7. Now just spray your bun with hair spray so it can stay in place.
  8. This is your perfect finished bun.

Who could have ever thought that having a bun could be so easy? You can use this hair style when you are going to the gym, when you are in a hurry or just as an every day look. One thing you can use if you do not have a bun ring is a sock. Just cut off the tip and roll it to create a donut. After you do that you can follow the steps above and have your own bun. Have a great one everyone and till next time.


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