How to Care for Your Cuticles

Nail Cuticle Cut

Who ever said that cuticles weren’t important? Let us tell you that they are very important. Cuticle care is really important to your nails and it should be part of your daily routine. Nobody wants to have dry cuticles and go through the pain when they tear. These is why we will be showing you how you can take care of them and also why we advise you to do so.

What are your cuticles? Your cuticles are the part of the skin that sits on top of your nails growth matrix. The matrix is the part of where your nails grow from. So the cuticles serve as a protection for the matrix. The cuticle provides a protective cover for your tissue that builds the necessary cells to make your nail grow. It is not wise to cut your cuticles at any time.

Daily Care

When you try taking care of your cuticles make sure you do not push them too far. If you push your cuticles back too far it can cause the matrix to be exposed. When your matrix becomes exposed it can lead to an infection that can transfer to your other nails. This is why it is very important for you to take care of your cuticles every day. To take care of them you need a cuticle stick and nail oil or cuticle oil or any other kind of body oil that you have to massage.

After getting out of your shower or bath or even when you wash your hands, have some cuticle oil and a cuticle stick next to your sink to remember. When you get out the shower it will not be necessary for you to soak your fingertips as they are already soft. With your cuticle stick gently push back your cuticles.  Using your cuticle oil, massage your cuticles in a circular motion. This will help your cuticles to relax and make your nails look healthy.

Cuticles are a really important part of your nail. As they protect the matrix from getting infections or irritation. Remember not to push your cuticles back to far as that can be really painful and lead to infections. Taking care of your cuticles will help you have healthy nails. Having your nail nice and healthy is always a plus on everything you do.

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