How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

Woman Getting Pedicure

The spa is a great place to go and indulge your self with a nice pedicure. We all know that it is great for relaxing but, if you want long lasting results nothing beats the results you get for doing it yourself. Warm weather is on its way and what a better way to spend your time in preparing yourself for it. It is a great way to learn a little and work hard for great results. The results will be even better when you are patient and don’t rush things.

We will start by gathering all the materials that will be needed so you don’t have to be running around looking for stuff all the time. The materials you will need are Epsom salt, pumice stone or foot scrub, towel, moisturizer, nail file, buffer block, nail clippers, cuticle oil, base and top coat, last but not least your favorite polish. In your home chose a peaceful area that you will be able to concentrate. Always make sure that you put your cell phone by you in case a call comes in.

You will start by soaking your feet in a warm Epsom salt infused bath for five minutes. This will allow the skin on your feet to soften. Now using the pumice stone or foot scrub, exfoliate your feet in a circular motion. Remember to pay close attention to the heels and the bottom of your feet. Rinse well after you have done this and with your towel pat your feet till they are dried. Grab your moisturizer and cuticle cream and apply.  Massage your arches when you apply your moisturizer by working your thumbs in with firm pressure and for your cuticles use an orange stick to push them back.

With your nail clippers make your judgment if they need to be clipped. If you do cut your nails into a square-oval shape and buff the top of each nail to ensure a smooth surface for the polish. Grab a cotton swab with acetone and wipe any excess oil and moisture. Now apply a thin coat of clear nail polish  and let it dry. Once it is dry you will apply two coats of your colorful nail polish letting the nail polish dry for two minutes in between coats. With your clear polish add a thin coat on top. You are now done but before you start move let your nails dry for at least half an hour.

Getting the perfect pedicure requires hard work and patience. In the end you will be able to say you accomplished something great. Enjoy your nails and take good care of them. Once in a while go ahead and treat yourself to the spa if you need to relax for a bit. Your pedicure will last you at least six months with a little tender loving care.

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