How to Make your Nail Polish Last Longer

Nail Polish with different colors

Every gal loves when their nail polish last for a long time. Hours are spent choosing the right colors, the right polish. More time is then spent applying that nail polish so your nails have that perfect look. After so much hard work the only thing is for your results to last. Usually when some women do their nails their nail polish might come off right away or chip. Well we will be sharing some practical ways to make your nail polish last longer. In these practical ways what we will be using is apple vinegar or cider, soapy water, and lemon juice.

Making your nail polish last is a good way to stay away from the spa for some time and instead enjoy yourself. So the first trick is dipping your finger nails in cider or apple vinegar for a few minutes. You will dip them before you put any nail polish on. After you dip your nails on the cider or apple vinegar allow them to dry naturally for a few minutes. This process will allow for the polish to stick to your fingernails and not to the natural oil on the surface. Sounds pretty easy right?

In case you don’t have the apple vinegar or cider here is a method that will be using day to day house hold material. The method we will be using is with soapy water. This process will remove all of the natural oil from your nails. With lukewarm water and soap dip your fingernails. Now with a cloth slightly start scrubbing your nails. Let your nails dry and apply your nail polish.

The last method will be using lemon juice. Grab a small bowl where you can dip your nails in. Then put some lemon juice in it. The amount should be enough to cover your finger nails. After you have done this soak your finger nails for about 8 to 10 minutes. This process not only will remove the natural oils but, it will also brighten your nails and take away any yellowness you may have had.

We hope that these methods helped you to see some great results. Also remember that no matter what method you use you will always make your nail polish last for a good amount of time. Whether it is apple vinegar or cider, lemon juice, or soapy water you will see the difference. These methods are really easy and anyone can use them at any time.

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