Make your Own Colorful Eyeliner

Colorful Eyeliner Steps

Makeup is something a lady wears all the time. Sometimes we want to try different thing and need to buy products in order to accomplish the look.  There are so many different colors of eyeliners that we cannot keep buying every single color just to try it out. This method I’m about to show you is a really easy way to do your own eyeliners. It can be done with products you already have. It only takes a few steps.

Many of us go and buy eyeliner every time we need some. Even when we do not need some we just want to try different colors. It cost us at the most $6, but making your own eyeliner is not expensive at all. Instead it saves you money. Let me show you how I do this.

The materials needed to do your own colorful eyeliner are:

  • Eye Shadow – You can use a number of different colors.
  • Small Container – It will be used to put water in it. If you do not have a small container, use a bottle lid or a glass.
  • Eyeliner Brush – You will use it to apply the eyeliner and also to mix.
  • Water or Baby Oil – This will make the eye shadow have a liquid kind of feel to it.
  • Plate (optional) – Only will be used if you are using baby oil.

Here is how to accomplish your own colorful eyeliner.

  1. Fill a small container with water or a lid if you do not have a container. If you are using baby oil instead grab your plate and place a drop of baby oil in it.
  2. Have your eye shadows in hand.
  3. Dip the tip of your eyeliner brush in water and rub it on one of your eye shadows. If you are using Baby Oil you will need to do the opposite, which is rub your eye shadow first and then mix it in the plate with the drop of Baby Oil.
  4. You must then immediately apply the eyeliner on your eye.

Here you go folks! Now you just have get creative and start experimenting. It is a really easy way to make your own eyeliner. Like I said before it saves you money on buying different products. If you chose the baby oil method, you will need to mix it a couple of times to get the right shade you want it.  Have a good day everyone!

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