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Hair Tips

Arching Your Eyebrows

Woman Plucking Eyebrows

Women often do their eyebrows with an arch to enhance their overall appearance. When you add an arch to your eyebrows it gives them a precise definition. Many times how your arch will be depends on the shape of your… Read More

Side Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid

Braids are really common among people of different ages. Braids are always good for any occasion that you are planning to attend. This side fishtail braid can be really elegant for a wedding or even just for an every day… Read More

Choosing Winter Hair Color

Bright Hair Color

Hey ladies! We all know winter is coming and we are getting ready to change our hair shade. In summer we usually keep our hair lighter and in winter we go darker. I will be telling you about a great… Read More

Half Bump Ponytail

bumped ponytail

It takes a couple times sometimes to get what we want. Even then we end up frustrated and upset. This is why I will show you how to do a half bump ponytail. It will be done in about nine… Read More

DIY: Three Braided Braid

Unique hair styles are good for any occasion that you are attending, whether it’s formal, casual, or business casual; how your hair looks can make or break your look. They also help to keep you cool when there is heat… Read More