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How to Make your Own Hair Spray

Great looking hair is always something that a lady is always careful about. We take so much time on getting the perfect hair style. Not only the hair style but also on having healthy hair. Sometimes we can be allergic… Read More

Perfect Bun with Bun Ring

Hair Bun

Hi everyone, so today I decided to use the bun ring I was given. I had it sitting in my dresser drawer with all my other hair supplies and had never tried to use it. This morning when I woke… Read More

Half Bump Ponytail

bumped ponytail

It takes a couple times sometimes to get what we want. Even then we end up frustrated and upset. This is why I will show you how to do a half bump ponytail. It will be done in about nine… Read More

DIY: Three Braided Braid

Unique hair styles are good for any occasion that you are attending, whether it’s formal, casual, or business casual; how your hair looks can make or break your look. They also help to keep you cool when there is heat… Read More