Arching Your Eyebrows

Woman Plucking Eyebrows

Women often do their eyebrows with an arch to enhance their overall appearance. When you add an arch to your eyebrows it gives them a precise definition. Many times how your arch will be depends on the shape of your face. A lot of people go and get their eyebrows done at a salon instead of doing them their selves. We will teach you how you can arch your eyebrows at home in only eight simple steps.

There are many ways that people get their eyebrows done, whether it is by plucking, waxing, or treating. For some of these methods people go to a salon to get better results. Sometimes the waxing or treating only last for almost a month and then you have to go back and get it done again. The plucking method needs to be done for about every two weeks. This method does not require you to go to a salon and pay $10-$15 every time. We will teach you how to pluck them and do an arch all on your own at the cost of nothing.

The tools you will need to get this done are:

  • Two Eyebrow Pencil- Measure and line what your boundaries are.
  • Tweezers- Pluck all the unwanted hair that is not highlighted with the brow pencil.
  • Brow Comb- Make your hairs look nice and even when you start cutting.
  • Trimming Scissors- Trim the extra long hairs that are not attractive.

Now just follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Measure the inside of your brow by holding the pencil vertically starting at the inner corner of your eye. Make a line where the bridge of your nose meets the brow pencil.
  2. To find the right eyebrow length put your pencil horizontally, one tip at the bridge of your nose and the other end at the outer corner of your eye.
  3. Grab your brow pencil and start lining your eyebrow until you go a little past the outer corner of your eye.
  4. Now place the pencil on the corner of your nostril and with the center of your pupil. Make sure you are looking straight ahead when measuring the center.
  5. Where the pencil meets your brow is where your arch will be.
  6. Do a darker shade on your eyebrow and create the arch. Remember to make the arch look smooth not sharp.
  7. Grab your tweezers and start plucking all of that unwanted hair that is in the lighter brow color.
  8. Now that you are done plucking you will use your brow comb to comb your eyebrows going outward.
  9. Grab your trimming scissors and cut off all the tip of the hairs that are sticking out.

Learning how to so an arch on your eyebrows is really simple and easy. After you do your eyebrows with an arch once by measuring, you will not have to measure again. To maintain the look you have you just need to pluck the hairs that are coming out and trim the unwanted tips. This method did not cost anything but if it would have I believe it would have been around $10. The only thing that it does take is time for the first time you are creating your arch.

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