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Every one desires their nail to look longer and stronger. Getting them to look like this can be a hassle and expensive. Many people today get acrylics or some sort of thing done to get them to look good. What if we told you that you can have your own nails looking long and strong without having to spend? We will share a couple of products that you can use including items found at home.

Nails are really hard to keep long and strong. Many of you have nails that chip easily since they are really thin. Preventing this can be hard since you use your hands for a lot of things. One way that we found is really helpful to prevent them from chipping is by keeping them always painted. You do not need to put them a certain color since you can use the base and top coat nail polish. One good thing to keep in mind is not to use your nails as a tool for anything, even if it is just to open a soda can as this can make them break.

One method that one of our friends recently told us about is the garlic polish. So this is not a hard process. If you own a clear nail polish it will be great. So you need about one or two cloves of crushed garlic. After you crush it down put it in your clear nail polish. If you see that it will overflow drain some of the polish out. Now that you did this you need to let it marinate for about 6-7 days.  It will be a treatment that will last for a long time. One thing about this is that the smell can be unpleasant for some of you.

If you do not want to take the time to make your own strengthener then you can always buy one. They sell so many strengtheners out there, but two that we know will work can be bought at Sally’s Beauty and Walgreen’s. One of them is called Nail Magic. You apply this as a base coat and you will start seeing result in the first month. You will see that your nails will grow strong and long. The second one is from Walgreen’s and it is called Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 1. It will help you to strengthen your nail and over a month or so you will also see the results and your nails will grow really long.

Having your nails looking stronger and longer will be great and boost up your confidence. Perfect nails are desired by everyone. Now with this couple of tips and methods we hope that your nails start looking great and you will start to love them. Say Goodbye to those harsh chipping nails. Before we go, we hope that you stop using your nails as tools and taking more care of them.

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