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Nail Art
Who doesn’t love to feel beautiful? No one does. As woman we feel great when we do something good to improve our appearance. Many women go on a shopping spree and spend so much money. But, some women don’t have that kind of money to do so. Well we will show you something that will help you to look great and feel great. Our hands are always a big factor when we meet people or for anything really. This is why we will show you easy polka dot nail art that you can do to make your hands look really great.

This look will be achieved at the end of this article. But, first we need to get our nails prepare. Using your nail polish remover get all the old nail polish off your nails. Using your orange stick push your cuticles back and massage with cuticle oil. After, you have done this wash your hands with soap and warm water. Make sure that you get all of the soap of your hands. With a towel dry your hands completely.

Remember not to put any kind of lotion or moisturizer on your hands. This will just make it harder for your nail polish to stick and dry. The materials that you will need are your favorite nail polish colors, Q-tip, polish remover, and tape. Now with one of your nail polish colors paint all your nails. Let your nails dry for about 5-10 minutes. While you wait you can watch TV or listen to music. We know that a lot of woman put clear nail polish on first but we are not doing that this time around.

Grab a piece of tape and put it diagonally on half of your nails. Paint the side with no tape on it. After you have let them dry grab you thin polish and do polka dots on that same half of your nails. When this is dry take the tape off. Now with a different thin polish make a line to join both sides of your nail together. With your clear nail polish apply it all over your nails.

Nail art is really easy to make, you just need to have patience. You can also rotate the color if you want to get more creative. Always remember to have fun and enjoy getting yourself looking stunning. No one will be able to resist on complimenting your nails.


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