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When it comes to makeup, we all love to play with different looks. Makeup empowers us to show a different side of ourselves every day. But even though it is fun and pretty there comes a time when all of it has to come off. Makeup remover was invented for that purpose. We can find makeup remover at any beauty store. These solutions will help you take your makeup off in a matter of seconds. Even though stores sell makeup remover, prices varies depending on the store you go to. What if we told you that you can make your own makeup remover from home? It is really inexpensive and it will not take long.

Buying makeup remover can be really easy. You can find it anywhere within a beauty store. You can even buy it online. Two of my favorite makeup removals are the Mary Kay Oil-Free Makeup Remover and the LANCOME makeup remover. They work so well and you don’t have to use a lot to take your makeup off. Even though they work so well you can achieve the same results by making your own at home. Making your own is really simple and you can find the materials needed inside your home. These will only take about ten minutes to do.

Here are the materials you will need:

  • Aloe Vera/ Water- Aloe Vera will help your skin to be smooth. It acts as a moisturizer and is great to prevent your skin from drying. Water can be used if you do not have Aloe Vera. It also costs only $2 at Walmart.
  • Soap- It is good for your makeup to come off faster. I put body wash that ways is not that strong for my skin.
  • Container- You can find a small container at the store or buy a travel kit and use one of the small containers. This should only cost about one dollar or use a small sauce container with a lid.
  • Cotton ball- It will help your makeup remover not to smear and drip. They will control how much you use at a time.
  • Olive Oil- Helps to smooth and cleanse your skin. Also, helps your skin look younger.
  • Measuring Teaspoons- This will help you get the right amount of the materials you need.

Gathering the materials was really easy and from here it will just take off. Using the right amount is really important as you do not want to make it make too much of something.

Grab your container and fill it about 2/3 with water or Aloe Vera water. Leave a little room on the top. Now pour 1 teaspoon of soap in, making sure you let it drop slowly on the same spot. Grab your olive oil and put 2 teaspoon in the container as well. You will notice that the soap is at the bottom and oil on the top as a result of the density difference. Place a lid on the container and shake it up a little bit mixing up the ingredients. With a cotton ball dab some of the makeup remover and place it on your eye for a couple seconds. You should be able to see your makeup coming off really fast.

Makeup can be really messy at times. It is wise to have makeup remover in your possession at all times. Always remember if you run out of makeup remover do not fret, you can make your own! All of the materials can be found in most homes. Have fun, and don’t get too messy.

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