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Your Eyes are the most important feature that you have. The kind of makeup look that you wear does not matter as long as it’s a look that defines your eyes. Whether you have hazel, green, blue, or brown eyes it is always good to make them stand out. Defining your eyes is easy and it doesn’t take so much money and effort to accomplish it. There will be two looks that I will show you to make your eyes pop. Defining your eyes will only take about five easy steps.

Makeup looks can be done professionally or simply at home. If you do it professionally it will take more time and money to go get it done, than if you just did it yourself at home. The look will also come out to your like and not the like of others. Doing your eyes and focusing on them can make you irresistible and more attractive. This makeup look that I will show you is easy and will help your eyes stand out.

This makeup look that I will show you will need this materials bellow:

  1. White Eyeliner – You will use it to define the inner half of your eyes.
  2. Black Eyeliner – This will bring balance to the white eyeliner and help your eye pop.
  3. Primer – The primer will help your eye shadow stay on longer.
  4. Eye shadow – Use it to add to your eyes and make them stand out more.
  5. Plush Mascara – Define your eyelashes to add to your eyes.

Now let’s get started with your makeup look:

  • Grab your primer and put it all over your eyelids. Make sure that it is blended into your eyelid and that you can’t see it.
  • Create a smoky eye with your white and black eye shadow.
  • Now put white eyeliner on the inner half of your water line.
  • On the other half of your water line you will put black eyeliner.
  • Finish off your look by putting your Plush mascara on and show your gorgeous eyes.

Makeup looks are not hard to achieve on your own. This makeup look that I just showed you will help you to see that not everything has to be done by a professional. It does not take much to do it and it take about ten minutes to do it. Enjoy your gorgeous eyes.

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