How to Make Your Lips Smaller

Woman Lip Liner

Women are often critical about some features of themselves. Having the perfect characteristics is always something every woman wants. Your lips are one of the most important characteristics that many people pay attention too. If you are smiling or talking they are always looking at your lips. Now that you know how to make your lips look big, we will show you how to make your lips look small. With the right tools you will achieve this look.

The perfect size lips is what every woman wants. We think of our lips as too small or too big. There are some women out there that are comfortable with the size of their lips. But, many woman think about having surgery to get their lips smaller if they are too big. Even if they do this they will never be satisfied since they will find another thing about their lips they do not like. This is why it is better to keep our lips the way they are and look for ways we can make them a tad smaller.

We found that by using some tools we are about to share with you this can be done. Here is what you will need:

  • Lip Liner – Helps define your lips making your lip line seem like it’s on a different spot.
  • Lip Stick – Fill in your lips and make them look natural.
  • Tooth Brush – Exfoliating your lips taking all your dead skin off.
  • Concealer or Primer – Helps the lip stick stay on longer.
  • Lip Gloss (optional) – To Help Shine your lips a little.

Here is how to achieve smaller lips.

  1. Wet your tooth brush and softly go over your lips. This will exfoliate your lips removing all of the dried skin.
  2. Now grab your concealer or primer and dab it on your lips.
  3. With your lip liner apply a little bit on the inner part of your lip line. Make sure that the lines are not that dark as they will make your lips bigger if they are darkened.
  4. With the same lip liner color your lips in order to blend the line.
  5. Apply your lip stick softly on your lips.
  6. Even though the lip gloss is optional some of you might decide to put a little bit on.

Having perfect lips is not always easy, but with this new look you can start rocking your new small lips. Who said you need surgery to get your lips looking smaller. Now you can chat with friends and not worry about them looking at your lips. We hope this tips helped you get the perfect size lips you desire. Until next time!