Three Makeup Alternatives for Blush

Makeup products are always an important part of our routine. Sometimes we are so busy that when one of our products is ready to run out we forget to restock. Always remember there are ways to get around a lack of blush makeup products. We are going to show you three ways to use other makeup when you don’t have blush. They are bronzer, eye shadow, and lipstick.

Make Up Products


The bronzer is a good makeup product since it gives you that natural tone. You will apply the bronzer the way you would blush. It is really easy to apply and it does not take long. Bronzer will help you look like you are wearing a more natural color blush. You will see that many of your co-workers will love the way you look and will compliment you. Bronzer is a great idea also since you do not want to draw the wrong kind of attention. Here is a bronzer we recommend.

Eye Shadow

Now with the eye shadow you will use a similar color to the blush you wear. Once you have found it you will use you brush and grave it by the tip. Now that you have the brush dab it in the eye shadow. Start applying your shadow the same way you would the blush. After that pass the palms of your hands really softly so it can attract any loose shadow. If you are looking for lasting eye shadow, we like this palette.


Lipstick has so many ways that it can be used. One of the ways is by applying it to your cheeks. It comes out like if it was a cream blush. You will rub some lipstick on your hand. Grab your brush and dab it into the lipstick that you applied to your hand and then to your cheek. Make sure you do this lightly on your face till you get the right amount you are looking for.

Remember that you don’t need to keep buying right away if you forget to replace your blush. Now that you have this other ways we hope that you will use them. Also, we encourage you to try them out and see what you like. Bronzer, eye shadow, and lipstick are really good to be used as blush. We found that these three tips are really great for everybody depending of what you prefer.


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