Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Make up Do's and Donts

DON’T feel bad about your makeup after reading this post, DO start making changes if you’re committing big “Don’ts”. Enjoy! 🙂


DON’T use a foundation that is darker than your skintone. It will look like a bad fake tan. If you do want a little color, use a natural looking bronzer only on certain areas of your face.

DO use a foundation that matches your skintone. The best thing to do is to try on the foundation at the store before you buy it. Best way to match the color, apply on your cheek past down your jaw and neck. ALWAYS blend your foundation evenly to prevent demarcation lines.


DON’T use a concelaer that is way too light, that will show when you take a picture with a flash on!

DO use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skintone, using a concealer brush for a soft finish.


DON’T darken your eyebrows too much or over draw them.

DO fill in your brows using a shade lighter than your hair color. Gently brush brows for a soft finish.


DON’T go crazy bold with eyeliner.

DO keep it neat and pretty. Smudge liner for softer look.


DON’T leave your eyeshadow unblended.

DO blend shadow as much as you can, using a blending brush.


DON’T make your lashes look clumpy and spider-y!

DO apply mascara evenly, gently wiggling the brush to prevent clumps.


DON’T wear blush to dark and unblended.

DO blend your blush as much as you can for a natural look.

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